Rumor: Samsung will release 55″ and 65″ QD OLED TVs in 2022

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According to Korean media, Samsung will release 55″ and 65″ quantum dot OLED TVs in the first half of next year. Samsung would position the screens between its Neo QLED and MicroLED models. A 70″ version would follow later.

Perhaps Samsung will show its first QD OLED TVs at the CES show in Las Vegas in early 2022, writes The Korea Economic Daily. The Korean newspaper has learned this from industry sources. Last month, Korean media wrote that Samsung was on track to release QD OLED TVs this year, but according to the new information, that is not the case.

Samsung Display started test production of QD OLED panels last year and mass production should start this year. The company already confirmed this last year. Qd OLED TVs are based on blue OLEDs and quantum dots. In terms of color reproduction and energy consumption, that would offer advantages over the white OLEDs with color filters that LG Display uses for OLED panels. However, according to rumors, Samsung Electronics is reluctant to use the QD OLED panels; the clarity thereof would still not be good enough and the yields would be disappointing.

If Samsung releases QD OLED TVs in the first half of next year, they would be positioned between the Neo QLED line with mini LED backlight and the expensive Samsung MicroLED TVs. That points to high prices; because the cheapest 55″ and 65″ models in the Neo QLED line have suggested retail prices of 1799 and 2699 euros.

Samsung would also like to increase the production of its MicroLED TVs. With these TVs, each RGB pixel consists of separate micro LEDs. So far, a 110″ model has appeared, which costs about 150,000 euros. 77″ and 88″ variants should be released by the end of this year and mass production of MicroLED TVs should take place next year.

The Korea Economic Daily claims that Samsung Display has started a project to develop a TFT backplane for its microLED TVs to replace current PCBs. This should significantly reduce the production costs of TVs with microLEDs. Whether and when this can be applied in practice is not yet clear.

Samsung Micro LED TV

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