Rumor: Sales numbers Homepod speaker do not meet expectations Apple

The Homepod speaker from Apple does not seem to sell as well as the manufacturer had thought. In the American market of ‘smart’ speakers, the market share is much lower than that of competitors Amazon and Google, says an analyst firm.

In addition to the low market share, many Apple stores have unsold stocks, claims Bloomberg . That’s why Apple has had to lower its expectations and downsize parts orders, says the financial news agency.
Apple has a market share of 10 percent in the first two months after its release and about 19 when it comes to sales, Calculated Slice Intelligence. The research firm relies, among other things, on credit card data, the use of loyalty cards and other information. The figures are only about the American market, where the Homepod is the longest for sale.
Amazon is still the market leader with 73 percent, followed by Google with 14 percent. The Echo speakers also bring the most money into the drawer. In the market for smart speakers, Amazon has a total turnover of 68 percent, Slice says.
Presumably more consumers choose speakers from Amazon or Google because of the lower price and the more extensive featureset of those products. Moreover, the Homepod only works with iPhones and Siri has limited integration with third-party services, something that Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant offer much more.



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