Rumor: S-Pen for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra costs around 40 euros

The S-Pen that Samsung wants to sell as a separate accessory for its upcoming Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone will cost around 40 euros. This is reported by the German site WinFuture. The stylus fits in slightly wider cases with a slot for storage.

The stylus is most similar to the version of the S-Pen that Samsung sells for its tablets, WinFuture reports. The German site often publishes correct information about unannounced smartphones and smartphone accessories. In addition to the information, the site also publishes renders of the stylus and a case.

Users can buy it separately, but it is conceivable that Samsung will come with packages that will contain the S-Pen and a compatible case. The case is slightly wider on the left to store the S-Pen. It has been clear for some time that there will be no storage space for the stylus in the housing.

The S-Pen for the S21 Ultra supports gestures through a built-in accelerometer, while writing on the screen is enabled through a Wacom screen layer in the phone. What exactly is missing compared to the stylus of the Galaxy Note 20 phones is not known. Samsung will probably present the phone and the covers in a week and a half. The manufacturer has an event planned for January 14.