Rumor: RTX 3090 Super gets 21Gbit/s memory and 450W tgp

Nvidia is rumored to be coming this year with an RTX 3090 Super. The video card would have faster Gddr6x memory, consume more power and have slightly more CUDA cores than the regular model.

Twitter user Kopite7kimi mentions the details of a GA102-350A1 GPU. According to the leaker, that might be used for a GeForce RTX 3090 Super, with 10,752 CUDA cores, 21GBit/s memory and a total graphics power of 450 watts. The Super version would not have NVLink for linking two cards. Kopite7kimi is known as a reliable source. Last year he published the specifications of the RTX 30 series before they were officially known.

The number of 10,752 CUDA cores is marginally higher than the RTX 3090, which has 10,496. The difference of 256 cores probably won’t make much difference to the performance, although the clock speeds are not yet known. The higher consumption may indicate higher clock speeds, although more power is also required for the faster memory.

That there will be RTX 30 cards with 21Gbit/s memory was already noticed by Micron last year. The memory manufacturer then mentioned an RTX 3090 with a memory speed between 19 and 21 GBit/s. The first version of the RTX 3090 that Nvidia released has Gddr6x with a speed of 19.5Gbit/s. If there is indeed an RTX 3090 Super with 21GBit/s memory, the memory bandwidth will increase to 1008GB/s. With the RTX 3090, that’s 936GB/s.

Another Twitter user, Greymon55, already mentioned earlier the RTX 3090 Super with the same number of cores, but talked about a consumption of 400W. It is not yet clear how reliable this user’s information is.

Officially, Nvidia has not yet announced anything about a GeForce RTX 3090 Super. The card is rumored to be out sometime this year. The current top model of the RTX series appeared in September last year. It is the only card of the RTX 30 line that does not yet have a Ti or Super variant.

video card RTX 3090 Super* RTX 3090 RTX 3080 Ti
GPU GA102-350A1 GA102-300 GA102-225
CUDA cores 10.752 10,496 10.240
Boost Speed Nnb 1700MHz 1665MHz
Vram 24GB Gddr6x 24GB Gddr6x 12GB Gddr6x
Memory Speed 21Gbit/s 19.5 Gbit/s 19Gbit/s
Memory bus 384bit 384bit 384bit
Bandwidth 1008GB/s 936GB/s 912GB/s
Tgp 450W 350W 350W
Release date Nnb September 24, 2020 June 2, 2021
(Founders Edition)
Nnb 1549 euros 1199 euros

*Specifications according to rumors.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Founders Edition