Rumor: Obsidian RPG Avowed is much larger than Skyrim and will be released in early 2023

Avowed, the new fantasy RPG that Obsidian is working on for Microsoft, has a much larger game world than Skyrim, according to a rumor. About a hundred people would have been working on the game for two years and the game would be released in late 2022 or early 2023.

Last week, Microsoft announced Avowed with a teaser trailer. The game is a fantasy RPG with a first-person view and is set in Eora, just like the games from the Pillars of Eternity series. Microsoft and Obsidian have not yet disclosed any substantive details about the game, but a user of the ResetEra forum claims to know more.

The user says the game has an open world that is much larger than Skyrim’s and includes a number of major cities. Avowed would mainly take place in the Living Lands region of Eora and there would be a lot of emphasis on how the game world reacts to, for example, magical spells from players.

The RPG also reportedly gets real-time weather changes and a ‘highly advanced’ character creation tool. The game would also feature a large number of factions that players can join and players can take companions on their adventures.

Avowed is said to have a new storyline, separate from the other Pillars of Eternity games. There would be a lot of boss fights in it, including some ‘very big ones’. According to the forum user about a hundred people are working on the game and Avowed has been two years in the making. Obsidian would like to expand the team and have a goal of releasing the RPG in late 2022 or early 2023.

It is not clear how reliable the user’s information is. It is not about a person who has previous major leaks to their name. Klobrille, another leaker, who has proven to have inside information, states that the new source is reliable.

Avowed is Obsidian’s first RPG after the studio was acquired by Microsoft Studios. The game is under development for Xbox consoles and Windows PCs. The game will be available through the Game Pass subscription at launch.