Rumor: Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti gets 600W-tbp and 11 percent more CUDA cores

The RTX 4090 Ti, if it actually comes out, will have a total board power of 600W and will contain 11 percent more CUDA cores than the RTX 4090. At least this is according to information from leaker kopite7kimi, who often provides correct details about unannounced Nvidia- share GPUs.

Like the RTX 4090, the possible new RTX 40 flagship will get the AD102 as GPU, but the Ti card will have 18,176 CUDA cores, claims kopite7kimi. Furthermore, the video card will get 96MB of L2 cache, 24GB of GDDR6X memory and a tbp of about 600W. It is still unknown if and if so when the new video card from Nvidia will be released and at what price.

Furthermore, the RTX 4090 Ti would get faster memory chips so that a maximum bandwidth of 1152GB / s is possible; that is 144GB/s faster than the RTX 4090. The RTX 4090 has to make do with 16,384 cores, the same amount of memory and has a total board power of 450W.

In the summer of last year, kopite7kimi already claimed that a new RTX 40 flagship is on the way, mentioning the following specifications: a tbp of 800W, 48GB of GDDR6X memory and 18,176 CUDA cores. Perhaps this will be an upcoming Titan video card and that the RTX 4090 Ti will be a separate model.

It appeared a few days ago a picture of what could be an RTX 4090 Ti or Titan, including a four-slot design. A photo showed the board number PG137. That differs from the model numbers kopite7kimi mentioned for the RTX 4090 Ti, suggesting that this photo may be an early version of the Titan graphics card.

Possible specifications Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Ti
Video card RTX 4090 Ti(?) RTX 4090 RTX 4080 RTX 4070
Architecture Ada (TSMC N4) Ada (TSMC N4) Ada (TSMC N4) Ada (TSMC N4)
Board number PG136/139 SKU 310 PG139 SKU 330 PG139 SKU 360 PG141 SKU 341
GPU AD102 AD102 AD103 AD104
CUDA cores 18,176 16,384 10,240 7168
Memory 24GB GDDR6X (24Gbit/s) 24GB GDDR6X (21Gbit/s) 16GB GDDR6 (18Gbit/s) 10GB GDDR6 (18Gbit/s)
Memory bus 384bit 384bit 256bit 160bit
Bandwidth 1152GB/s 1008GB/s 576GB/s 360GB/s
Tbp 600W 450W 420W 300W
Release date Nnb October 2022(?) November 2022/early 2023(?) December 2022/early 2023(?)