Rumor: Nintendo will soon bring Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to Switch

According to sources from three different media outlets, Nintendo plans to offer Game Boy and Game Boy Color games via Nintendo Switch Online. Their sources do not make statements about which games would be released first on the service.

It started with statements on the podcast Nate the Hate, which expressed the expectation that the platform would come to Switch Online in a few weeks. Nintendo Life subsequently reported based on its own sources that the titles would be coming “very soon” and Eurogamer reported the same afterwards. The latter medium also adds that ‘other retro platforms are also a possibility’.

The expectation of Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles on the Switch has been there since a data miner managed to surface the code names for several emulators. He found it in the NES app for the Switch. One of those emulators later turned out to be for Super Nintendo games; in September of 2019, SNES games were released for that platform.

The Verge got hold of Nintendo for a response to the rumours, but they only said that the Japanese company “has nothing to announce on this subject.”

Nintendo says it offers ‘100+’ Nintendo and Super Nintendo games via Switch Online. Eurogamer puts it at ‘about 80 NES games and 50 SNES games, depending on your region’. Nintendo Switch Online costs 3.99 euros per month, 7.99 euros per 3 months or 19.99 euros per year.

The Game Boy color (image: Evan-Amos, adapted by Gunnar.offel, via Wikipedia)