Rumor: Microsoft to release Windows 10 update for older Lumias in March

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Microsoft plans to release the update to Windows 10 mobile for older Lumias now on Windows Phone 8.1 for the first devices in March. The company will not initially push the update to users of the older Windows Phone version.

Microsoft mentions a deadline for the end of March in an email to partners, @evleaks reports on Venturebeat. This concerns the first wave of devices, including the Lumia 930, 1520 and 640. Devices of the previous generations, such as the 920 and 1020, will only be used at a later time.

The Redmond-based company will also separate the Windows 10 update from the ‘service update’, although it is unclear what exactly that means for users. The update comes after the monthly update for the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, which Microsoft released with Windows 10 mobile.

The update for older Lumias should have started earlier in December, but the company missed that deadline. Earlier rumors spoke of January and February, but Microsoft has not made a schedule public since December.

In addition to the new interface, the Redmond-based company also makes it possible to update devices from Windows 10 without the intervention of providers, so that it should be able to distribute future updates more quickly to more devices.

Many users of older Lumias are already on Windows 10 mobile due to the Insider Preview builds. They have been known for months as being suitable for daily use.

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