Rumor: Microsoft plans release next Xbox consoles in 2020

Microsoft would like to release the next Xbox consoles in 2020, reports the site of a well-known Microsoft follower. It would be several models that the company develops under the codename Scarlett.

The site has no details about the upcoming consoles, except that the release is planned for 2020. The site gambles that it is an iteration of the current Xbox One series and that games will be compatible with the current generation of Microsoft consoles, but even that is not clear. The codename for the project is Scarlett, the site reports
If the rumor is true, there will be a new Xbox rather than PlayStation. Sony said last month that it wants to release the PS5 in 2021 at the earliest. Nintendo released the Switch last year and there are no rumors about a successor to the crossover between handheld and console for home.
The latest Microsoft console is the Xbox One X which was released last fall . That is a powerful version of the previous Xbox One, intended to play games in 4k. Microsoft has not responded to the rumor.