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Rumor: Microsoft makes HoloLens 'significantly cheaper' than current

Microsoft wants to announce a second version of his ar glasses HoloLens this year. The new version has to be ‘significantly cheaper’ than the current one, which Microsoft offers for 3299 euros, claims The Verge. The lower price must raise demand among companies.

The HoloLens 2 must be released in 2019, reports The Verge on the basis of its own sources. The new HoloLens must, for example, have a wide angle of view, so that the virtual objects can be placed in a wider area of ​​users’ view. He also has to be a lot lighter and more comfortable to wear, the site claims.
This spring rumors came out about the coming ar-glasses, which the codename Sydney would wear. The HoloLens 2 would run on Windows Core OS, which Microsoft develops under the name Oasis. Microsoft would exchange the Intel processor for an ARM soc. Microsoft is already working with Qualcomm in the ARM version of Windows 10 for Always Connected PCs and the Redmond company has installed a Qualcomm X16 modem in its Surface Pro LTE. The first HoloLens has an Intel Cherry Trail-soc on x86 architecture. Microsoft previously said that the next version will get ai-coprocessor.
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