Rumor: Microsoft is working on budget Surface laptop

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Microsoft is rumored to be working on a budget Surface laptop aimed at college students. The laptop would have to compete with Chromebooks from manufacturers such as Lenovo, Asus, HP and Acer.

The rumor comes from Zac Bowden of Windows Central. According to its sources, Microsoft is working on the budget laptop codenamed Tenjin and the tech giant wants to target students and students who want a cheap laptop for their studies.

According to the sources, the laptop will have an 11.6″ screen and will run on an Intel Celeron N4120. The laptop is also equipped with 8GB of RAM and has a plastic housing. According to insiders, Microsoft’s goal is to reduce the cost of the laptop as much as possible. to be kept as low as possible.

According to rumors, a new version of Windows is being developed together with the laptop: Windows 11 SE. This new version of Windows would aim to run well on less powerful hardware and would be especially suitable for use at school.

Windows Central could not report what the laptop will cost. If the rumors are correct, we can probably expect a similar price to that of the Chromebooks. These laptops often cost less than 350 euros. Microsoft declined to comment on the Windows Central rumors.

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