Rumor: HP and Dell refuse to join Nvidia's GeForce Partner Program

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HP and Dell refuse to sign the Nvidia’s GeForce Partner Program contract and thus reserve the right not to exclusively associate their gaming brands with GeForce graphics cards. That’s what HardOCP claims.

That HP and Dell are not participating with the GeForce Partner Program, HardOCP has learned from sources. What Lenovo does is not yet known. The site points to the arrival of desktops and laptops that HP releases under the Pavilion Gaming brand name, and which are equipped with both GeForce and AMD Radeon cards.
Under the terms of the GeForce Partner Program, or GPP, that would be forbidden HardOCP reported earlier. The site then claimed that it had inspected documents that contained this requirement. Nvidia denies claiming exclusivity with GPP.
The question is what HP does with its premium gaming brand Omen and how Intel will react. Intel has been a Radeon partner since the introduction of Kaby Lake-G with AMD GPU. Those who do not participate in GPP would risk the loss of discounts when purchasing Nvidia products and a low priority at delivery.
A number of developments seem to support the claims of HardOCP. For example, according to rumors, Asus would create a game brand Ares to accommodate AMD Radeon products. Gigabyte uses his Aorus brand name with an external GeForce video card, but not with the AMD variant and MSI has no Radeon cards anymore in the Gaming X series on his site .


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