Rumor: Google is working on Pixel tablet with detachable keyboard

Google would have plans to release a tablet in the Pixel series. Where Google previously used this series for Chrome OS laptops, the new Pixel would become an Android tablet, with an external keyboard that can be mounted.

The arrival of the Pixel tablet is reported by the usually well-informed Android Police. According to the site, Google is working on the Pixel C, an Android-based tablet with a screen diagonal of 10.2 “and a pixel density of 308ppi. The brightness of the screen is remarkably high at 500 nits. In the housing, Google has opted for an Nvidia X1 processor, accompanied by 3GB of ram.

At the same time as the tablet, Google is coming with an external keyboard that can be linked to the tablet, according to Android Police. There would be two variants; one of aluminum and one of leather. Both models are able to charge the tablet. In addition, the tablet can be charged via a USB-C port. By the way, there are no images of the devices yet.

The Pixel C should be released in November, but specific details are still missing. It’s possible that Google will announce the device on Tuesday, if it holds an event to announce new Nexus devices.

Android Police points out that the Pixel C is not intended as a Nexus device. However, it is striking that Google opts for the Pixel naming, as these were previously used for laptops that run on the Chrome OS. According to Android Police, the Pixel C tablet will resemble the laptops that came out earlier in the series in terms of design, but without the keyboard. Earlier this year, the internet giant announced another new Pixel laptop with Chrome OS.