Rumor: Cortana voice assistant is also coming to Android and iOS

Microsoft plans to bring its voice assistant Cortana to smartphones and tablets that run on iOS and Android as well. This is reported by Reuters news agency. Microsoft would also work on a smarter version of the voice assistant.

Microsoft previously hinted that Cortana would ultimately not be reserved for Microsoft platforms, but Reuters knows, based on unnamed sources, that it concerns iOS and Android. When Cortana will be expanded to those mobile operating systems, however, is not yet clear. Earlier, Microsoft announced a desktop version of Cortana for Windows 10; Initially, the voice assistant could only be used in Windows Phone.

In addition, Microsoft wants to make Cortana smarter and more responsive to what the user probably wants to see at a given moment. The ‘Einstein project’ should ensure that users are warned, for example, that they have to get out of the door to get to the airport on time, because the assistant notices that the user has booked a plane ticket and determines how long it takes to drive to the airport.

Microsoft previously announced a desktop version of Cortana.