Rumor: Apple watch can measure blood levels

Apple’s upcoming watch may be able to measure blood values. 9to5Mac claims that on the basis of discoveries that various medical specialists in this field have recently joined Apple. The watch should be released sometime in the next few years.

The specialists who joined Apple were responsible for the development of biometric systems at the companies they worked for. One of the two worked for a company that develops sensors to measure blood levels through the skin, the second comes from a company that measures health, such as counting steps, tracking skin temperature and detecting or someone falls, writes 9to5Mac.

It therefore seems that the watch that Apple would be working on will be equipped with medical applications or the use of medical data for health monitoring. Until now, other manufacturers have made watches aimed at displaying notifications and other applications and ‘fitness bracelets’, but a medical watch is not yet there.

Apple wouldn’t be the only company working on measuring blood levels through the skin: many large companies in the US Silicon Valley would see that as the next logical step. For example, Google is working on a smart contact lens for diabetics.

The iPhone maker is also said to be working on various other technologies, such as integrating its fingerprint recognition Touch ID into the screen and an iris scanner. With this, Apple is working on the same as arch-rival Samsung, which would use an iris scanner in its upcoming Galaxy S5.

It is unclear when Apple’s watch should hit the market. Rumors first spoke of a release in 2013, now many rumors speak of autumn 2014. If specialists have only started working on important elements of the watch in recent months, it is also possible that Apple will launch it even later.

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