Rumor: Apple wants universal apps that work on iOS and macOS

Apple wants developers to be able to create apps that work on both iOS and macOS without major customization. That writes financial news agency Bloomberg. That should be possible with the next versions of the operating systems, which will probably appear next fall.

The intention is that iOS developers will develop apps for MacBooks and iMacs more often, Bloomberg writes. The article’s author, Mark Gurman, has been known for years for accurate information about unannounced Apple products and services. In addition to new apps appearing for Apple’s desktops, the new system should allow current apps to receive more updates.

Depending on the device, apps can then work with input from a touchscreen or with keyboard and mouse. That will probably require adjustments in current apps, because they are often made with the small screen of an iPhone in mind. However, there are already many apps that work on iPhone and iPads, with a modified interface for the Apple tablet.

Apple wouldn’t be the first to make it possible for developers to publish apps for desktops, tablets and smartphones without much modification. Microsoft has been using its Universal Windows Platform for years, which works on Windows 10, Xbox One and Windows 10 Mobile, among others. Google isn’t doing that yet, though it does allow Android apps and the Play Store to run on Chrome OS laptops.

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