Rumor: Apple wants to make its own modems for smartphones

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Apple would like to make its own modems for use in smartphones. Currently, Intel supplies the modems for Apple’s smartphones. It would take at least three years before Apple has its own modems ready.

Apple is currently already designing the processor and GPU used in iPhones, but the modem comes from Intel. The project to make its own modem is active within Apple and should lead to results within three years, writes The Information. A vacancy at Apple would also point to the project, although it is no longer online.

The iPhone maker is trying to take control of as many key elements of its devices as possible. For example, it has been designing socs and microarchitectures since 2010 and for some years now also GPUs for those socs. It would also work on power management chips. Intel now supplies the modems for iPhones, after Apple no longer required modems from Qualcomm and started a legal battle over licenses.

On Wednesday afternoon, the rumor also came out that Samsung would supply OLED screens with an integrated touch layer to Apple for the next iPhone. ETNews reports that the move makes screens thinner, allowing iPhones to be thinner or more space in the case for other components. Apple has made its iPhones slightly thicker in recent years. For example, this year’s iPhone XR is 8.2mm, where the 2014 iPhone 6, for example, is 6.9mm thick.

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