Rumor: Apple wants to acquire music recognition application Shazam

Apple is said to be planning to acquire Shazam, an application that makes it possible to recognize songs. An agreement has not yet been reached, according to the sources, but should be before the end of the week.

That reports the usually well-established TechCrunch based on various unnamed sources. According to those sources, Apple is close to an acquisition and, if all goes well, an agreement could be announced on Monday. Neither Apple nor Shazam have responded to the report. For the acquisition, Apple would be willing to put on the table an amount of 300 million pounds, converted approximately 341 million euros.

Shazam has developed an application that is available for Android and iOS, as well as for the Apple Watch and Android Wear. There is also a version for the Mac. With the software it is possible to recognize songs; of played music, the artist and title of the song can be shown by letting the app ‘listen’ to it. Some time ago, Shazam also came up with the ability to recognize images.

What Apple wants with the acquisition of Shazam is not clear. The company may make the software a standard part of iOS, something that was mentioned in rumors years ago. It is also the question whether the Android version will continue to be developed after the takeover.