Rumor: Apple to include fast charger with next-generation iPhones

Apple would include a fast charger with the next generation of iPhones. Apple’s latest smartphones already support fast charging, but Apple supplies a charger in the box that only charges the devices slowly.

It would be an 18W charger, reports a Weibo user who has shared a sketch of what the charger looks like. Current iPhones have a 5W charger in the box, although iPhones with MacBook and iPad chargers can charge faster than the standard charger. Many high-end Android devices have chargers with a power of 15W or more.

MacRumors reports that the rumor comes from an unverifiable source, but states that it is obvious. The sketch shows that the charger no longer has a USB-A connection, but USB-C. Apple has replaced many USB-A ports on devices with USB-C in recent years. That happened before with MacBooks, for example. In addition, the Lightning to USB-C cable would enable a connection between iPhones and all variants of Apple’s laptops and desktops.