Rumor: Apple is developing iPhone with iPhone 7 soc

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According to a new rumor, Apple is developing an iPhone with the A10 soc, which is also in the iPhone 7 series. It is not one of the three iPhones that have been rumored for months and that Apple is reportedly presenting next month.

9to5Mac employee Guillherme Rambo liked in Apple’s development program XCode references to an ‘iPhone xx’, which Apple would also refer to as iPhone9,7 and T500. Rambo bets that it is a replacement for the 2.5-year-old iPhone SE. It has an Apple A9 soc on board.

The manufacturer used the A10 Fusion in the iPhone 7 series. Other than the soc, Rambo knows nothing about the device. It can also be a cheaper version of the iPhone 7 to produce, for example for the Indian market, says developer Steve Troughton-Smith. Earlier this year there were many rumors about a new iPhone SE, but it has not materialized.

Apple is reportedly going to announce new iPhones in September. Two of them have an OLED screen, one is rumored to have an LCD.

Suspected iPhones 2018 ‘iPhone xx’ ‘iPhone X2’ ‘Budget iPhone’ ‘iPhone X Plus’
Screen ? 5.8″ 6.1″ 6.5″
Fencing technique ? oled LCD oled
Notch in screen ? Yes Yes Yes
Dual SIM variant ? No Yes Yes
Processor A10 A12 A12 A12

The suspected design of the three upcoming iPhones

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