Rumor: Amazon is testing its own delivery service in the United States

Amazon is said to be testing its own delivery service that will pick up packages from third-party warehouses that sell their goods through Amazon. With this, the company is taking the work of delivery services such as UPS and FedEx into its own hands.

The test is codenamed Seller Flex and is currently running on the west coast of the United States, reports financial news agency Bloomberg. By taking delivery into its own hands, Amazon wants to guarantee customers that packages will arrive within two days, while also minimizing costs. Customers cannot choose a delivery service, but instead, the web store determines whether the delivery is via Seller Flex or a regular delivery service.

The test must take place in more places in 2018. Seller Flex would come from India, where Amazon has already put such a system into use. The web store declined to comment on the story. In the quest to take more control of the delivery, Amazon has often developed new initiatives. For example, the company is testing delivery via drones.