Rogue version of MSI Afterburner has been taken offline

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A content delivery network where a rogue version of MSI Afterburner was placed, the software has been removed. MSI warned about the software, which would contain trojans, malware or keyloggers.

MSI posted one on Thursday warning on its website and on Twitter about a site that distributed a rogue version of the MSI Afterburner software. The page was a copy of MSI’s own website and the software is also said to be disguised to look like the official MSI software.

Forum user silentbogo from TechPowerUp was surprised that the website was still online on Thursday. The user says on May 5 that he already reported abuse at Hipolink, where the files were hosted. The user also wrote to web host, where the site was located.

According to silentbogo, the files were taken offline by Hipolink following his request and the hoster announced an investigation. The site that MSI warned about can no longer be reached. It is not known how many victims the rogue software has made.

MSI Afterburner is software for reading and tweaking GPU performance. The software also works with video cards from other brands and therefore has a large number of users.

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