Rocket League has 30 million registered players

Developer Psyonix announced on Twitter on Tuesday that the game Rocket League has 30 million registered players. The actual number of active players may be slightly lower, as guest accounts and players with more than one account are also included.

the game has 30 million players now, while there were 25 million about three months ago, according to Psyonix goods. Rocket League is still on the rise in popularity. In March 2017, it was announced that a total of 10.5 million copies of the game have been sold since the launch of Rocket League in 2015. Sony announced in January that Rocket League was the most downloaded game of 2016 in both the US and Europe. In March, the game received a BAFTA Games Award in the evolving game category.

A successor to Rocket League does not seem to be coming for the time being, because according to the director of Psyonix this could lead to a dichotomy in the community. Psyonix informed IGN at the end of March that the developer is considering releasing Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch as well.

The dlc The Fate of the Furious was recently released for Rocket League, which, among other things, introduced the Dodge Charger as a playable car. The Dropshot mode was previously introduced and in February the Hot Wheels DLC was released, which introduced two new cars that can be purchased for 2 dollars each. A PS4 Pro patch was released in February, which the creators say will play in 4k resolution at 60fps in all arenas when viewed in single-player or split-screen with two players.

Rocket League is basically a soccer game where the players use rocket powered cars instead of soccer players to get a big metal ball into the opponent’s goal. The game was released in July 2015 for the PlayStation 4 and PC. The game was also released for the Xbox One in February 2016. Rocket League has become a major game in the e-sports sector.