Ring expands offering with solar smart outdoor lighting

Amazon’s subsidiary Ring has expanded its range of smart lighting with five products. The company releases, among other things, an A19 bulb and PAR38 floodlight. In addition, smart garden lights on solar energy are appearing.

The A19 Smart LED Bulb and the PAR38 Smart LED Bulb are Ring’s first separate smart LED bulbs. Ring has been selling various outdoor spots since last year. The A19 lamp and PAR38 floodlight can be used both indoors and outdoors. Both can be controlled with the Ring app, in combination with the Ring Bridge to turn them on and off and adjust the brightness. The A19 will be available for $15 and the PAR38 for $25.

In addition, Ring is launching three new solar-powered smart lighting products: the Solar Floodlight, the Solar Pathlight and the Solar Steplight. The lights can be turned on based on motion detection and can also be controlled with the Ring app, which requires the Ring Bridge. Multiple Ring products can be connected with this Bridge, such as starting recordings with a camera if the lamp detects movement. The Solar Floodlight will cost $40, the Pathlight will also cost $40 and the Steplight will cost $30. All lamps mentioned are for sale from 1 April.

From left to right: the Solar Floodlight, the Solar Pathlight and the Solar Steplight

Furthermore, the Ring Access Controller Pro has appeared. This product is intended to be able to open fencing with a mobile device, whereby Ring of course mentions the combination with a Ring Video Doorbell. The controller costs $299 and mobile versions and variants that work via Ethernet will appear.

Finally, later this month, Ring will release an update to its app on iOS and Android that will add a privacy dashboard to the Control Center. The intention is that privacy and security settings will be placed here. For example, American users should be able to see here whether the American local police can access images from cameras.

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