Renders show suspected design of Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL 3

Renders have surfaced online that may show the design of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The large device has a large notch in the screen and the small model has a screen with rounded corners, according to the renders.

The Pixel 3 XL has a notch that is narrower than that of, say, the iPhone X, but it seems to be deeper. The large model would have a 6.2″ screen with a 19:9 ratio. The small version of the Pixel 3 has no notch and would have an 18:9 screen of 5.4″. It is striking that the renders show rounded corners, but the device does not have the small edges at the top of other devices with such screens; thanks to the technology that makes rounded corners possible, this is no longer necessary. Whether the Pixel 3 really gets rounded corners, or whether it is an interpretation of the maker of the renders, remains to be seen.

The Pixel 3 renders were put online by MySmartPrice in collaboration with OnLeaks and are based on CAD files. OnLeaks specializes in showing designs of unreleased smartphones with CAD files from factories.

At the beginning of this month, photos came out that presumably show the Pixel 3 XL. The renders correspond to the device in those images. Screen protectors also appeared for the new Pixel devices, which also showed that the smartphones probably have two cameras on the front. It is also possible that it is not two front cameras, but that it is a combination of a camera and another sensor.

Both devices have stereo speakers on the front according to the design, just like their predecessors. Google seems to stick to one camera on the back, the XL model also does not get an extra camera.

According to the maker of the renders, the Pixel 3 is 145.6mm long and 68.2mm wide. The XL model is 158mm long and 76.6mm wide. They are 8.6mm thick at the thickest point, as the camera protrudes slightly. The housing is also 7.9 mm thick. Both devices have a fingerprint scanner on the back. The design of the back appears to be similar to the Pixel 2 devices, with part glass and the rest metal.

Presumably, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will get a Snapdragon 845-soc. It is not yet clear how much ram and storage there is in the smartphones. Google introduced the Pixel 2 models in early October last year. The presentation of the new models will probably take place this autumn.