Renders show colored MacBook Air with white bezel around the screen

Renders have appeared that would show a redesign of the Apple MacBook Air. The housing is completely flat, with white keys and a white bezel around the screen. The housing would come in various colors.

The renders come from YouTuber Jon Prosser, who gave real images of parts of the design to someone who made 3D renders of them. Prosser deduces that it must be the MacBook Air due to the limited selection of ports; the MacBook Pro would get HDMI and a card slot, among other things.

The laptop in the renders has two USB-C ports as I/O and nothing else. Prosser notes that it is possible that MagSafe will return on the laptops, but that the information about the side is lacking. There is also no exact information about the screen, making it unclear how large the space around the screen would be.

The function keys would be larger and the size of regular keys. As a result, the entire keyboard would slide down slightly, making the trackpad appear slightly smaller. There is also a fingerprint scanner in the keyboard.

According to Prosser, it will take at least until the end of the year for the new MacBook Air to be released, but it may not be available until next year. Exact details and specs of the device are missing. Apple has not responded to the release of the video. Prosser has previously shown the design of the AirTags and AirPods Max in this way. The last MacBook Air appeared at the end of last year, with M1-soc.