Remedy to make Control sequel and co-op multiplayer spin-off

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Remedy is working on a multiplayer spin-off of Control. It is a co-op game in which four players can fight against enemies. The game has been given the internal code name Condor and is co-published by 505 Games. There will also be a sequel to Control.

Like Control, Condor will be made with Remedy’s Northlight engine and will be released for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S. No date has been announced yet, although the Game Director of the Control franchise says it will be “a long time ‘ will take some time to show anything.

This Game Director, Mikael Kasurinen, also hints that Condor will not be set in the Oldest House, the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control in the Control game. According to Kasurinen, the Control franchise consists of a ‘world of many stories, events and characters, in which unexpected, weird and extraordinary things can happen’ and wants to show other parts of that world with new games.

An initial budget of 25 million euros will be made available for Condor. The development and marketing costs are shared by 505 Games and Remedy, as are the revenues. The publisher and developer also announce that another Control game is coming with ‘a bigger budget’. However, the two parties are not giving any details about this yet.

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