‘Remedy is working on Alan Wake 2’

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Remedy is working on Alan Wake 2, Venturebeat journalist Jeff Grubb states on his Twitch stream. Epic Games would have approached the Finnish game maker to serve as publisher for the game and Remedy would have agreed.

Eurogamer describes Grubb as ‘chatty but reliable’. It was already known that Epic Games has entered into a publishing relationship with Remedy, as well as that the studio is working on “a triple-A title and a smaller project.” The studio did not provide further details about the two projects at the time. Over the years, however, repeatedly news came out that showed that Remedy has had the intention of making the sequel come true for some time.

In Control, Remedy’s 2019 action game, many references to Alan Wake were hidden. That was followed up by a blog post from Remedy in 2020, where the studio pointed out that Alan Wake and Control are in the same fictional universe.

Alan Wake is a third-person shooter that borrows many elements from other entertainment media, such as Stephen King books and the television series Twin Peaks. If Alan Wake 2 comes out, it’ll have been over 11 years for a sequel, although there’s also a 2012 DLC. Eurogamer has asked Remedy for comment, but has not yet received a response from them.

The studio is also known as the creator of the Max Payne games. That franchise is intellectual property of Take-Two, which makes the possibility of a new game in that franchise or an appearance of that character in other Remedy games a bit more complex.

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