Remaster of Fallout predecessor Wasteland from 1988 will be released on February 25 25

The remaster of Wasteland, the 1988 RPG that is also the spiritual predecessor to the Fallout franchise, will be released on February 25. The game will have new graphics, sound effects, music, and more, but the gameplay must remain “very faithful to the original.”

Brian Fargo, head of development studio inXile Entertainment, announces the news on Twitter It also states that the game is also coming to Xbox. InXile is a subsidiary of Microsoft, so a release on the PlayStation 4 is most likely not in the cards. On Windows, the game will be available on the Windows Store, Steam, and GOG. The game is also coming to Xbox Game Pass subscription service on Microsoft’s console. A price for the single sale has not yet been announced.

The original Wasteland was developed by Interplay Productions. The game was published by Electronic Arts, which also acquired the rights to it with the deal. EA refused to grant this for a sequel to Wasteland, after which Interplay went back to the drawing board and brought Fallout 1 into the world. That was in 1997. The Wasteland rights are now owned by inXile Entertainment, which was founded by Interplay co-founder Brian Fargo. With that, the rights are more or less back with the original Wasteland creators. The rights to Fallout passed into the hands of Bethesda between Fallout 2 and 3.

The rights have also been used for Wasteland 2, which was released in 2014 and is now available on Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Switch. Wasteland 3 is also in the works and will be released on May 18 on the same platforms, except for the Nintendo Switch.

For those who want to know more about how the 32-year-old crpg works, YouTube channel LGR has made a retro review.