Redstone 5 points to Spring Creators Update as name for upcoming Windows update

The next feature update for Windows 10 is most likely called Spring Creators Update, according to information from the most recent Redstone build for the subsequent feature update, which is version number 5.

In the Redstone 5 build number 17618, if you enter a certain Powershell command with administrator rights, you will see that the version now known as 1803 or Redstone 4 is indicated there under the new name. That discovered Twitter user WalkingCat, who makes more frequent discoveries in the code of Microsoft services. It’s not the first time this name has been mentioned for the new feature update; this one previously appeared as reference in a Bug Bash. The Spring Creators Update is expected to be released at the end of this month or in April, although Microsoft has not yet made an official announcement.

Nevertheless, a few things are already known about the features of the upcoming feature update. For example, Microsoft’s most recent announcement was about a machine learning platform that introduces hardware acceleration for AI tasks in Windows, among other things. In addition, Microsoft has already shown the new privacy menu that will be part of the upcoming update. In it, users can make various choices for their privacy settings during installation. Another innovation is the Timeline, with which users get an overview of their activities and can return to specific moments. There will also be support for Progressive Web Apps in Edge.

Microsoft confirmed on Wednesday that it will no longer release Windows 10 S as a standalone version, but that other Windows 10 versions will get a so-called S mode. Starting with the ‘coming major update’, users will be given the option to purchase a Windows version with the mode enabled. In an earlier tweet, Microsoft CEO Joe Belfiore talked about ‘next year’. Disabling the mode is possible and does not incur any costs. The S mode only allows the use of apps from the Windows Store.