Reddit to integrate Patreon widgets for small business owners

Reddit and Patreon have teamed up to better integrate the two platforms. Together they have developed some new features that are specifically intended for content creators. For example, there will be a special tag for Patreon members on Reddit.

In a blog post, Patreon and Reddit report that users can subscribe to a content creator with a Patreon page via Reddit. At the same time, Reddit wants to make the community pages more maintenance-friendly for the entrepreneurs. Both platforms use discussion forums. Thanks to the integration, content creators can now better follow the discussions within their community, claim Patreon and Reddit.

Patreon members who are active on Reddit are given a special tag. This makes it easier for the entrepreneurs to see who is supporting them financially and who, in that case, has access to any dedicated subreddit. The features are still available to a select group of content creators, The Verge reports. The features will be made more widely available at the end of October.