Red posts 3D movie camera teaser for Hydrogen One smartphone

Red has posted a teaser of the Lithium, a 3D movie set camera that uses the Hydrogen One smartphone. It is one of the first add-ons for the smartphone that the camera manufacturer releases information about.

The 3D camera for the Hydrogen One smartphone will be called Lithium, says Red. A spokesperson told Engadget that the rig in this prototype phase will weigh about three pounds without a battery, which is a lot less than the 3D camera systems now in use on film sets. It is unknown if the quality will be comparable.

Thanks to the 3D image of the smartphone, people who film can immediately see whether the 3D effect is what they want, so that they would not have to walk to a monitor to view the material shot there.

Other specs are not yet known, but Red would like to release the Lithium this year. The Red Hydrogen One smartphone has a connector on the back to add add-ons. No add-ons for the smartphone have been released yet. The device was released last fall in the United States for $ 1295. It has not yet been released in the Benelux.