Red-haired emoticons are coming

Emoji’s are for many people an important aspect of social media channels, including WhatsApp. When you open the emoji bar in WhatsApp, a wide range of cycling, waving, laughing and crying dolls appear. With the announcement of new emojis, people can no longer be stopped from enthusiasm. Consider, for example, the joy that prevailed when the avocado emoji appeared.

Red-haired emoji

There is a suitable emoji for every situation. Or is not it? No not yet. The redheads in the emoticons-strewn world revolted. Successfully. Because why do blond, brown and black hair and no red hair? Finally, they listened to them. According to Unicode Consortium, new emojis can be admired from this week, including the red-haired emoticons, with all the skin colors that you can imagine. Unfortunately, they are not immediately available, because different online platforms, including Google and Android, have to take over the new emojis first. It varies per platform when it will be. For Google and Apple, this is only expected between September and December. For people who can not wait that long: Twitter and Facebook will soon embrace the red-haired emoji, probably between now and August.

156 other emoji

In addition to the cheerful red-haired ladies and gentlemen, we also have other emojis waiting. Naturally, the kangaroo, the afro, the mango and the emoticon with party hat can not be missed. An overview of all emoji’s can be seen in the video below.