Red Dead Online Update Lets Players Take on Specialized Roles

An upcoming Red Dead Online update will allow players to assume specialist roles that allow them to gain unique gameplay elements and perks. The three reels are Bounty Hunter, Trader and Collector. Players can freely switch between roles and are not tied to any role.

The Bounty Hunter allows players to capture or kill criminal NPCs, just like in the single player version of the game, according to Rockstar Games. A human player with a high bounty can also become a target for the Bounty Hunter. Players who ‘progress’ can obtain special items such as an improved lasso to catch more difficult targets, or an improved Eagle-Eye. Special skills, items and upgrades can also be made available with this.

The second specialist role, the Trader, can set up a company from his or her camp with the update. Players can search for materials and create products to sell later. Those who become a better Trader can upgrade the camp with a weapon safe, a stew and have dogs warn of enemy attacks on the camp. Later, players can get new skills and a bigger bag. New business elements such as a wagon to be able to transport larger catches should also be possible.

The last role, Collector, can explore the world for rare and valuable objects. Better collectors get access to upgraded binoculars, a horse lantern and a metal detector. New skills can also be unlocked for the Collector. Rockstar Games says players can freely switch between the three reels. So players can choose to maximize one of the reels before moving on to another, or play all three at the same time.

The update also releases improvements and new content for Red Dead Online. For example, character movements must be more responsive and Defensive players will be dealt less damage. The game will soon also remember whether the player prefers to play Defensive or Offensive. More lootable objects should be discoverable in the game world with the update and players will soon be able to reset the appearance of their character. The update should be released this summer for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.