Recent docsis 3.0 modems Telenet have problems with 5GHz WiFi band – update

There appears to be a problem with the 5 GHz connection of the latest generation of docsis 3.0 modems from Telenet. When using that band, the modem’s buffer fills up, after which the Wi-Fi connection stops working.

Tweaker ootjetheking pointed out the problem after reporting problems to the Telenet helpdesk. A response to his report shows that there are problems with the software of the modems, as a result of which the buffer capacity on the 5GHz frequency band is filling up.

Telenet’s response states that the isp is working on a software update that is expected to be installed automatically in the course of September. Exactly when this will happen is unknown, as the update will be distributed in phases. According to a Telenet employee, only the white Mercury modems are affected.

The latter means that users with a similar problem on the Telenet network will not know when exactly the problems will be solved. The Telenet spokesperson recommends temporarily using the 2.4 GHz frequency band or a wired connection.

Update 6 Sept. 11.15: Telenet spokesperson Stefan Coenjaerts has said that the problem sometimes occurs in the 5GHz band of the white version of modem type CH7465LG, also known as ‘Mercury’ or ‘Connect Box’. The problem does not always seem to occur. An update is being prepared and will be installed automatically later this month. If there are problems with the connection, Coenjaerts advises to restart the modem by first turning it off completely.