Ready at Dawn postpones Oculus VR game Lone Echo II until later this year

Lone Echo II will no longer be released on August 24, developer Ready at Dawn announced Friday. The VR game for Oculus has been postponed to later this year, but the developer has not yet announced an exact release date.

In a blog post, the developer writes that it was a difficult decision, but that it will have to postpone Lone Echo II to “later this year.” The team behind the game has encountered some obstacles in recent times, “as have many game studios in recent years,” the blog post reads. With this, the developer refers to the fact that many games have been postponed due to the corona pandemic. In the game sector too, many places suddenly had to work from home, which presented the necessary challenges.

Oculus announced last month that the game would be released on the Oculus platform on August 24. It now appears that this deadline is not feasible and that players will have to wait a little longer for the sequel of Lone Echo.

The first part came out in 2017 for Oculus. In the game, you investigate a mining rig in the rings of Saturn. Lone Echo II is a direct sequel to the first game and again follows the characters Jack and Olivia.