Razer to close game stores for Ouya, Forge TV and Mad Catz Mojo

Razer will close the Ouya, Forge TV and Mad Catz Mojo game stores on June 25. Unlike those of the Ouya, Forge TV and Mojo users will still have access to the Google Play Store.

Razer says it will stop supporting and close the digital game stores of Android TV devices Ouya, Forge TV and Mad Catz Mojo. From June 25, it will no longer be possible to buy or download games through the game stores. The hardware and pre-installed games will still work. The Mad Catz Mojo and the Forge TV can also still use the Google Play Store.

Razer is deactivating accounts so the company is urging users to use up credits on the accounts. Users can still game on the Ouya until June 25, after which the discover section will no longer be accessible. Games already on the Ouya may still be playable, as long as the game does not require online purchase validation at launch.

Stopping support from Razer means the permanent end of the Ouya. Razer bought parts of the console company in 2015. After the Android console completed a successful KickStarter campaign, the problems started. The console was plagued by competition with similar products, a game library that was too small and bad controllers.