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Ray tracing support for Minecraft is out of beta today

The Windows 10 version of Minecraft officially has ray tracing support starting today. In this version developed by Nvidia, ray tracing effects are generated by means of path tracing. Nvidia also announced that four games will receive support for DLSS.

With the official release of ray tracing support for Minecraft, the feature is now part of the regular Minecraft Windows 10 client, Nvidia writes . During the open beta, ray tracing support could only be used through a standalone application. Nvidia previously explained how ray tracing worked, namely with path tracing, physically based rendering and DLSS 2.0. With the update, Minecraft gets a Physically Based Rendering texture pack, to enable the pbr. Nvidia has also created fifteen worlds with some Minecraft players to show the ray tracing effects.

Nvidia also announced that four games will receive support for DLSS. With this deep learning super sampling technique, games can display images in a lower resolution, where an RTX GPU can fill in the missing details with artificial intelligence. That way games can run with higher fps or settings.

CRSED: FOAD, Moonlight Blade, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, and Scavengers are the four games to be released in December that will receive DLSS support. With DLSS, according to Nvidia, every RTX GPU should be able to play the first three games at a 4k resolution with at least 60fps. CRSED: FOAD could be played at 90fps. Scavengers could be played with an RTX 3000 GPU at 4k and 60fps. Including these four games, thirty games have support for DLSS 2.0.

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