RadioFM orders Buma/Stemra to repay the embed tax

According to RadioFM, an online radio portal, Buma/Stemra must repay the ’embed tax’ paid for 2013. The lawyer of RadioFM has sent a summons to this effect. According to Buma/Stemra, the levy imposed in 2013 was still legally valid.

According to Webwereld, lawyer Mark Krul sent a letter to Buma/Stemra. In it, he demands on behalf of RadioFM the repayment of the money collected for a license to embed music streams. This so-called embed tax has been abolished since this year following a decision by the European Court. However, the copyright organization Buma/Stemra is of the opinion that asking for money for an embed license was legally valid last year.

Last month, the European Court ruled that linking to copyrighted material that is freely accessible on the Internet cannot constitute copyright infringement. Buma/Stemra responded by abolishing the licenses for embedding content with retroactive effect from January 1, but at the same time announced that amounts collected will not be refunded.