Rabobank replaces Random Reader with scanner with camera

Rabobank will phase out the Random Reader from this year. The bank’s authentication method must make way for the Rabo Scanner. This is a new camera device that will be released at the end of this year.

The replacement of the online banking authentication system has not yet been officially announced by the bank, but Computerworld discovered that the new system is already described in the General Terms and Conditions while the scanner is also mentioned on the bank’s site itself: “The Rabo Scanner is the successor to the Random Reader. The Rabo Scanner is expected to be introduced at the end of 2014. More information about this will follow in 2014.”

However, more details can be obtained from the General Terms and Conditions. Customers must insert their bank card into the Rabo Scanner and then scan the color code on the screen of the device they use for internet banking or Rabo Mobile Banking, such as a mobile phone, with the scanner’s camera. They will then receive a login and a signing code. Customers only need to enter the signing code if the payment order on the scanner’s screen matches the actually desired payment. Furthermore, the conditions state that the scanner runs on batteries.

Initially, the Random Reader and the Scanner will be used side by side and the reader will be phased out for several years. It is not known when Rabobank will officially announce the Rabo Scanner.