Qualcomm is working on a Nintendo Switch-like Android game console

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According to Android Police, Qualcomm is working on a gaming console that would be very similar to the Nintendo Switch. The Qualcomm device would have removable controllers on the left and right sides. The console would get a Snapdragon chip and go on sale next year.

Android Police does not have a name , but the site says it has seen images of the console. According to their anonymous source, it would be a console that resembles a thick smartphone. This one would have Joy-Con-style controllers on either side. With the thicker design, Qualcomm would like to ensure better heat dissipation, which would improve the performance of the Snapdragon chip. Due to the extra thickness, the device could also get a 6000mAh battery that could handle Quick Charge.

It is not clear how big the device and screen should be. Android Police does say that Qualcomm has found a ‘premium’ supplier to design and develop the controllers. The Qualcomm console would also get a port to connect the device to a TV or monitor and get an SD card slot. The console would come with Android 12 with custom launcher and support all Google Play apps and services. Qualcomm would also be in talks with Epic to get the Games Store running on the device.

It is not known which Snapdragon chip the device will receive. With the console, Qualcomm would like to prove that Snapdragons can be used not only for mobile phones and tablets, but also for other devices. It is therefore obvious that it will get a standard Snapdragon chip, although Android Police does not rule out that the company will make a modified chip, especially for the console. The console should also receive bluetooth, GPS, accelerometers and haptic feedback.

The console would get support for 5G, but Android Police don’t expect calls and texts to be possible. Qualcomm would like to sell the device for EUR 306 converted including VAT. It wouldn’t be the first time that Qualcomm has sold a device directly to consumers. In 2013 , it showed its own smartwatch, which came with a Mirasol display.

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