QNAP Releases QTS 5.0 Based on Linux Kernel 5.10

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QNAP has released a new version of QTS operating system, QTS 5.0. The new version is based on Linux Kernel 5.10, has standard WireGuard VPN support, better security, improved NVMe SSD cache performance, and native exFAT support.

QTS 5.0, the new version of the OS for NAS systems from QNAP, now runs on the new Linux Kernel 5.10. It will also support exFAT on x86 systems up to 16 exabytes at no extra cost, and it is optimized for flash memory to make copying large files easier. A new ftp app, QuFTP, should also help with file transfers.

QTS also gets support for TeamViewer with the TeamViewer QNAP NAS app and the operating system comes with an optimized user interface, with smoother navigation, visual changes, a notification board and a search bar in the main menu to find apps faster.

The new OS version should also be more secure by supporting TLS 1.3, automatically updating QTS and apps, and providing SSH keys for authentication for secure NAS access.

QNAP also promises improved performance for NVMe SSD caches by using the new kernel. That makes it possible to activate cache acceleration. A new drive analyzer should be able to better predict the life of drives using cloud-based AI, so that users can better plan the replacement of drives. The full release notes can be read on the QNAP site.

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