Psychonauts 2 will be released on August 25th

Psychonauts 2 will be released on August 25 this year and will also be available immediately through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Furthermore, Microsoft showed a new trailer of the game during its E3 presentation.

The trailer shows the familiar atmosphere and gameplay of the franchise. Protagonist Razputin, or simply Raz, moves into the Psychonauts headquarters where one has the opportunity to step into the minds of others in order to engage in international espionage. It is in those worlds that most of the gameplay of this third-person platformer takes place.

The first Psychonauts was released on April 19, 2005 for PC and PlayStation 2. Psychonauts 2 was born in 2016 with a crowdfunding campaign on the platform Fig. In 2019, the developer, Double Fine Productions, was acquired by Microsoft. Despite that acquisition, there will still be a PlayStation 4 version, because that was already promised. The game will also be released on Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, macOS, and Linux.