Proof: AirPower charging mat is coming

It was one of the products that sparkled during the Apple keynote due to absence: Apple’s AirPower mat. The wireless charger was announced a year ago and we had now expected official release date, but unfortunately. In fact, several references to the AirPower on the Apple website disappeared from one day to the next. Various production problems would have caused the [AirPower’s to finally be badly closed. But now there are indications for the arrival of the charging mat.

AirPower in manual iPhone XS

The iPhone XS (Max) has appeared today and the included starters guide does refer to the AirPower: “Place an iPhone with a screen up on AirPower or on a Qi-certified wireless charger.” Now it can be the case that those booklets have been printed for a while and that the AirPower has only been canceled afterwards. But there’s more. iOS 12.1 beta 1 is now available. The code also contains references to the AirPower. Moreover, these references have been adapted in the most recent version. So there is still something going on.


AirPower was announced during the September keynote in 2017, along with the first wireless rechargeable iPhones. The charging mat should have appeared in early 2018. You can charge up to three Apple products at the same time: an iPhone, an Apple Watch and renewed AirPods (of which we also have not heard anything anymore).

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