Prices MacBook Pro with Vega GPU start at 3599 euros

Apple has put the Vega option of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and 15 “screen online. For the variant with Vega 16, the manufacturer asks 300 euros more, the Vega 20 version costs 420 euros more than the regular version.

This starts the laptop with Vega GPU at 3599 euros, according to the product page of Apple. The Vega GPUs are only available for the most expensive variant of the laptop, with a 15″ screen and Intel Core i7 8850H hexacore at 2.6GHz. Delivery of the Vega variants will start in a week and a half, even if users order Wednesday evening. In addition to the new GPU, the laptops have hbm2 video memory instead of gddr5.

Apple has not put any details online of the Vega 16 and Vega 20. Apple only mentions that the GPUs should deliver ‘up to 60 percent better performance’. The GPUs are for users who want to do fast video editing, work a lot with 3d and develop games. The numbers in the name probably indicate how many compute units the GPUs have. AMD has the Vega 64 and Vega 56 video cards in its range for desktops and AMD puts a maximum of a Vega 11 GPU in its own apus for laptops.

The MacBook Pro comes standard with AMD Radeon Pro 560X and Intel UHD 630. Apple announced the arrival of the Vega variants two weeks ago, at the presentation of the new versions MacBook Air and iPad Pro.