Portal-style shooter Splitgate remains in beta for now due to popularity

The shooter Splitgate will remain in beta for the time being. The developers say server capacity needs to be increased as the game proves to be more popular than expected. The makers do not dare to say how long the beta period will last.

Splitgate has received so many new players in recent weeks that the company has struggled to maintain server capacity. The Portal-like sci-fi first-personshooter was originally supposed to leave beta at the end of July, but that has been postponed “until the foreseeable future.” In the meantime, the company wants to try scale up capacity for the high number of players that have been added in recent weeks, 1047 Games CEO Ian Proulx said in a press release, which PCgamer writes about.

The shooter is playable for console and PC gamers, and supports crossplay. In the first 30 days after the game became available in open beta, the game was downloaded more than ten million times. In recent weeks, the number of concurrent active players is said to have increased from 4,000 to 175,000.

Poulx says the company not only wants to increase server capacity, but also scales the game’s back-end. For example, the game itself must remain stable and ultimately the waiting time for online players must decrease. “We want to be prepared for massive growth when we officially launch while providing the beta with updates, additional features, and new server capacity.

The Beta Battle Pass will end on August 24, the developers say. The company wants to reveal more information about the future of the game during gamescom.