Police working on national network of cameras and sensors

The police are working on a nationwide network of sensors, smart cameras, motion meters and sound meters. The final plans for the national network, which can be used to identify patterns, are currently being discussed within the police leadership.

There has been talk for some time about a national network of sensors and cameras, but the final plans are currently being secretly worked on, NRC Handelsblad writes in its paper edition. It concerns a network of smart cameras, but also sound meters, motion meters and images from drones, the newspaper claims.

Smart cameras and sensors could help agents and security guards to be automatically notified of incidents. For example, a camera with a sound meter could register when there is shouting in a nightlife area, after which a police officer can watch. Number plates can also be registered.

Currently, more and more private cameras, for example in business parks and entertainment areas, are being connected to the police camera system, the newspaper states.