Pocket Casts gives everyone who paid for web version a lifetime subscription

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Pocket Casts gives all users who have paid for the web or desktop version in the past a lifetime subscription to the new Plus service. Initially, those users were given access for three years, but that was met with criticism.

Owen Grover, CEO of Pocket Casts, says the company is listening to the criticism and that’s why all users who paid $9 for the web version now get free access to the Plus service for life. That new subscription costs $1.20 a month or $12.10 a year.

Pocket Casts announced a new revenue model on Wednesday, with free mobile apps but a paid subscription for more functionality. Users who previously paid for the web version were promised three years of access to Premium. This was criticized because previously when purchasing that web version, it was advertised with “no monthly costs or freemium hassle” and a “one-time payment”.

The new arrangement only applies to users who have previously paid for Pocket Casts’ web or desktop apps and not to users who have purchased the apps on iOS and Android in the past.

Pocket Casts advertised its paid web version with this text before the new revenue model was announced

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