PlayStation 4 users complain about bootloops after version 7.50

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Several users are complaining that their PlayStation 4 stops working or goes into a bootloop after installing the most recent update. It is not known how widespread the problem is.

The flaw is said to be in firmware version 7.50, the version of the operating system that came out earlier this week. It mainly brought system stabilizations. Several users are now complaining on Reddit that their consoles have stopped working after the update. Some users report problems with the speed of the console, but others complain that their PlayStations no longer start up at all. One user writes that he managed to start up the PlayStation in safe mode, but that the console then ends up in a bootloop. There is also a small number of notifications on the social media where the consoles no longer read discs. In addition, there are many users who report that they cannot install the 7.50 update at all. They will then see an error code, SU42118-6.

It is unknown how widespread the problem is and how many users are affected by it. Sony customer service doesn’t know anything at this point. The company has not yet responded to the complaints. For now, the update will still be available for download on the console.

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