PlayStation 4.5 games don’t have to natively support 4k

New details about the next PlayStation, previously known as the PlayStation 4.5, reveal that the console doesn’t need to natively support 4k games. The project would also have been given the name ‘Neo’.

The Giant Bomb site reports on the basis of documents obtained that developers get a lot of freedom from Sony to achieve 4k resolution. However, the company would be strict when it comes to stable fps. These should be the same or higher than on the original PlayStation 4. In addition, there are details about the hardware, which would consist of a fast 2.1GHz processor with eight cores, compared to the original 1.6GHz. The memory goes from 176GB/s to 218GB/s and the GPU is also faster and has double the number of compute units, namely 36.

To take advantage of the upgraded hardware, every PlayStation game from October should support a basic mode and a Neo mode. Also, the new console co-exists with the old one and uses the same network and PSN store, so purchases are preserved. There will therefore be no exclusive Neo games, Giant Bomb reports. This way there should be no separation between Neo players and others. The documents would also show nothing about an exclusive VR mode for the new variant.

The fact that games should have a Neo mode from October doesn’t mean the Neo will come out then. The documents would state that developers will be allowed to release games with Neo mode before the release of the new console. Developers can still release a patch for current games to provide them with such a mode.

Update, 09.50: Sentence about framerate adjusted. Initially it was stated that it should not be higher or lower.